StorHub Old Klang Road

StorHub Old Klang Road | StorHub
StorHub Old Klang Road | StorHub
StorHub Old Klang Road | StorHub
StorHub Old Klang Road | StorHub
StorHub Old Klang Road | StorHub
StorHub Old Klang Road | StorHub
StorHub Old Klang Road | StorHub
B-1, Tiara Mutiara 2,
No 141, Jalan Puchong,
58200, Kuala Lumpur

+6012 338 1662

Office Operating Hours

Mon – Fri : 9am - 6pm
Sat : 9am - 1pm
Sunday & Public Holiday : Closed

Storage Access Hours

24 hours x 7 days
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Self Storage Space in Old Klang Road (Tiara Mutiara 2)

Old Klang Road is a well-connected and highly accessible area in Kuala Lumpur. It is situated in close proximity to major highways such as the Federal Highway, New Pantai Expressway (NPE), and Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Highway. This strategic positioning allows for convenient transportation and easy access to the storage facility, reducing travel time and ensuring efficient movement of goods and belongings.

Secondly its proximity and convenience. Bukit Jalil and OUG are vibrant residential areas with a significant population. By having a storage facility located in close proximity, residents can easily access storage solutions for their personal needs. Whether it's storing seasonal items, decluttering their homes, or downsizing, having a nearby storage facility saves them time and effort.

For businesses in Bukit Jalil and OUG, the proximity to StorHub offers convenient storage options. Whether it's excess inventory, equipment, or documents, businesses can efficiently manage their storage needs by utilizing a facility that is easily accessible. This allows for streamlined operations, inventory management, and improved workspace utilization.

Moreover, Old Klang Road is a bustling and established commercial corridor. It is home to a variety of businesses, ranging from retail shops to offices and warehouses. This commercial activity creates a vibrant business environment, making it advantageous for businesses in need of storage solutions. Companies can leverage the strategic location to integrate their storage needs seamlessly into their operations, improving logistics and inventory management.

Furthermore, Old Klang Road has a rich history and cultural heritage, attracting a diverse range of residents and visitors. This cultural diversity creates a vibrant and dynamic community, fostering potential collaborations and networking opportunities for businesses operating in the area.

In summary, the strategic location of StorHub at Old Klang Road offers advantages such as excellent connectivity, integration with a vibrant business environment, proximity to a wide range of amenities, and access to a diverse community. These factors contribute to the convenience, accessibility, and potential business opportunities for individuals and businesses utilizing the storage facility in this prime location.

7 months agoThis is my first time on having own storage! and I love to have it one with Storhub as the place is safe, easy to access anytime and the staff Haziq is friendly. Thank you for preparing the storage for me and I will definitely choose Storhub as one of my storage as I always outstation, so I need storage to keep my stuffs - Ann
10 months agoExcellent place for your quick storage needs. well trained and professional staff. In our case, Saufi from StorHub team was very kind and helpful.
7 months agoEasy to access and convenient, clean and great environment to store. Great one
7 months agoGood place for storage your item. With good price and secure your item
in the last weekNice parking, spacious place

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